Project DirectionsEdit

  1. Split the 7th and 8th grade classes into 10 groups.
  2. Assign one person from each for teams to write the constitution.
    1. The constitution cannot give autocratic power to one official.
    2. There must be a justice system.
  3. Make territorial claims on a made up map.
  4. Draw from a hat your population number between 75 million and 400 million.
  5. State what real life county you country will be based on culturally (eg. America being multicultural, Japan being a maritime based, North Korea being military based, Iran being religious based).
  6. Form a society which may include in the heading a few lines below:
  7. Conduct international relations.
    1. Create alliances.
    2. Mock UN (only general assembly).
  8. The teacher should create problems such as disputed land, goods or other problems.
  9. See how long all of the countries will last.

Aspects of a societyEdit

  1. A Military
  2. A Police Department
  3. Social Classes
  4. A Culture
  5. A Currency
  6. Laws
  7. Good Production
  8. Economy
  9. Religions
  10. Infrastructure Building
  11. Transportation; Possible Space Program
  12. Health Care

What your learningEdit

  1. Civics and government
  2. Writing a constitution
  4. Societies
  5. World government
  6. United Nations
  7. Economy
  8. Culture
  9. International relations
  10. Starting to understand politics the way I do
  11. Solving conflicts
  12. Current events
  13. Team building
  14. Leadership building


You will all be graded in three areas. The areas are Activity, International Relations/Conflict Resolution and depth in your project/pages.


Ideally to get a 100% on online activity you should be online for about 15 minutes every other day. Also there should be at least one person from your group online each day. Activity is also being attentive in class and at school. Activity is 35% of your grade. Also, the more edits you have the better.

International relations and conflict resolutionEdit

The international relations portion of your grade is very important. This proves that you know what you are talking about and you can resolve a conflict with negotiation instead of firearms (Guys) . This is 25% of your grade.

Project/Page depth Edit

The Project and Page depth show how much you know about government and civics and how much you have learned. It is also an indicator of how much you are paying attention. This is 40% of your grade.