Flag of Vyray


Constitutional Monarchy


409 million




English, Spainish



Largest City


Current Monarch

Riley XIV

Prime Minister


The Kingdom of Vyray is a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy with a population of 409 million. The head of State is the monarch and the head of government is the Prime Minister. The kingdom is the country of Group 1.


(For more information see - Constitution of Vyray) 

The head of state of the Kingdom is the current monarch, Riley XIV. The head of government is the Prime Minister who is elected every four years. The Prime Minister appoints his cabinet who act as the upper house of the legislature. The lower house of the parliament is the house of commons. There are four members of the Council of Ministers; the Prime Minister, the Minister of Security and the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Defense. There are also 11 members of the Supreme Court.


(See Main Article - Vyrayian Armed Forces)

There are four branches of the military: the Army, Navy Airforce and the Space Command. The head of the military is the minister of defense but the only person that can declare war is the monarch. There are 6,900,000 members of the military; 3,000,000 in the Army, 2,900,000 million in the Navy, 500,000 in the Air Force and 500,000 in the Space Commander.


The three police forces are the Police, the CIA and the Secret Service. The Police only have jurisdiction in a specific district while the CIA has jurisdiction everywhere. Both the CIA and the Police are controlled by the Minister of Security. The Secret Service is only to protect the monarch and the Executive Branch. There are 2,100,000 members of the three police forces.; 1,300,000 police, 700,000 CIA members and 100,000 Secret Service members.