Budget Edit

-Starting budget: +200 million

-Each Day: +10 million

-Offensive war: -20 million (Daily)

-Defensive war: -10 million (Daily)

-Embargo placed on you: -2 million (per country per day)

-Placing an Embargo: -1 million (per country per two days)

-Launching a Nuke: -100 million and no daily revenue for two days for every country in the world (BAD IDEA, unless of course you have the tenth tech level)

-Victory in war: + one third of what you spent on the war and 20 million dollars

-Defeat in war: -20 million to winning country

-Collection of Taxes: formula (weekly)

-Access a resource: +15 million but + 1million a day

How to Win a WarEdit

To win a battle you must have a combination of morale, technology, manpower and training. You multiply the three numbers and whoever has the largest number wins that battle. The defending country gets +1 training. To win a war you can either have them surrender or conquer them.


At the beginning you are given your military size which is your manpower. Manpower is the number of soldiers fighting in a battle.


Every nation begins with 1 training point. To get 1 more training point you spend 1 million dollars for countries in the smaller size (100 million - 299 million) and 2 million for larger countries (300 million - 500 million). The cost is also increased by 1 million dollars for small countries and 2 million for large countries for every additional training point which you buy. The costs of buying points are below, total points in all is listed first, cost for each extra point is listed to the right, small countries then larger countries. You MUST buy in order

Total Points:Total Cost























Prices for technology: (You do NOT have to buy them in order, and the multiplier of technology is the number of each multiplier of the tech level you have bought added together)

Level 1- No cost, everyone begins with this level. (Multiplier=1x)

Level 2- 30,000,000 (Multiplier=2x)

Level 3- 40,000,000 (Multiplier=3x)

Level 4- 50,000,000 (Multiplier=4x)

Level 5- 60,000,000 (Multiplier=5x)

Level 6- 70,000,000 (Multiplier=6x)

Level 7- 80,000,000 (Multiplier=7x)

Level 8- 90,000,000 (Multiplier=8x)

Level 9- 100,000,000 (Multiplier=9x)

Level 10- 110,000,000 (Multiplier=12x)

Total cost: 630,000,000 (Multiplier=57x)

Morale problems


When purchasing propaganda you are paying to appeal to your people. This means that you essentially purchase a ad. from for a certain form of propaganda. (Posters, newspapers, pamphlets, billboards, etc.) For example if you pay 5,000,000 dollars, they will put up posters in all of your cities increasing your country's morale by 1. The bigger the propaganda you purchase, the more morale your country will have.


1. Posters: 5,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 1.

2. Newspaper advertisement: 7,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 2.

3. Pamphlets: 8,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 3.

4. News Kiosks: 10,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 4

5. Billboards: 20,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 10

7. Air-show: 50,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 30

8. Nation-wide Festival: 100,000,000 dollars. Increases morale by 100

Decreasing MoraleEdit

  1. Biological Attack: Decreases by 30
  2. Nuclear Missile: Decreases by 40
  3. Loss in War: Decreases by 35

What you need to get whatEdit

Land VehiclesEdit

  • Jeeps: Nothing
  • Tanks: Tech 2 and Factory
  • Anti-Infantry Machines: Tech 4 and Factory
  • Simple Artillery: Tech 3 and Factory
  • Advanced Artillery: Tech 5 and Simple Artillery

Naval VehiclesEdit

  • Speed Boats: Nothing
  • Battleships: Tech 3 and Naval Academy
  • Submarines: Tech 5 and Naval Academy
  • Aircraft Carriers:Tech 5, fighters and Naval Academy
  • Super Carriers: Tech 7 and Aircraft Carrier

Aerial VehiclesEdit

  • Simple Bomber: Nothing
  • Fighter: Tech 2 and Aerial Academy
  • Stealth Bomber: Tech 5 and Aerial Academy

Missiles and BombsEdit

  • Nuclear Bomb: 100 million dollars.
  • Biological Strike: Tech 9.


Screen shot 2010-12-06 at 5.47.12 PM
Going to war with another country is a way of forcefully taking resources and territorial dominance away from that country. Winning a war will yield whatever beneficial or detrimental elements that the defeated country offered. Losing a war will come with a variety of scenarios depending on how merciful the opposing country wishes to be. This being said, going to war isn't always a good idea.


  • Military College: Boost training by 3 for all soldiers (3 million)
  • Special Forces Compound: boosts training by 2 for all soldiers (3 million)
  • Naval Combat Academy: allow you to have a Navy (10 million)
  • Air Force Combat Academy: allow you to have an Air Force (10 million)
  • Factory: allows you to get some land vehicles (7 million)

Deciding on what kind of training area you'll build is based of your own economy and any other contributing factors for building each one. (Naval Combat Academy-Ocean, Air Force Combat Academy-Airfield)

Biological Warfare:Edit

Biological weapons are the other alternative to nuclear weapons if you're thinking about using a W.M.D. (Weapon of Mass Destruction). Using biological weapons on a country that has not been overly hostile or cruel during a war will severely decrease your country's morale due to your own lack of honor or pride. Also note that you must have a technology level of 9 to successfully use a biological weapon on an opposing nation.