Resources are a perfect way to boost your economy but it will cost some money in order to access these resources. However, you will be repaid in some way. Eventually, it will pay itself off and it will increase your revenue. Also, during a war, an enemy can destroy your resources so that you are unable to gain money from them. Each day resources give you 1 million dollars as well as there perks.

What ANYONE can have:Edit

  • Fish- This resource is unable to be destroyed or tampered with by enemies and does not allow your food sources to be destroyed.
  • Trees- This resource will cause a 10% discount on all military items available for purchase.
  • Stone: This resource will cause a 10% discount on all civilian items available for purchase.

What SOME ISLANDS can haveEdit

  • Gem Mines- This resource costs 50 million extra to access, but it adds an extra 7 million to daily revenue and an extra 5 million to weekly tax collections.
  • Oil- Adds an extra 5 million to daily revenue if accessed, causes a 1 million decrease in weekly tax collection, but if you place an embargo on a nation, they suffer an additional 3 million decrease per day.

Trading Edit

You can trade resources to another country. The two countries can agree upon a price and they can trade which gives both countries the perks of the resource. Either country can cut trade if they want.