There are four branches of the military: the Army, Navy Airforce and the Space Command. The head of the military is the minister of defense but the only person that can declare war is the monarch. There are 6,900,000 members of the military; 3,000,000 in the Army, 2,900,000 million in the Navy, 500,000 in the Air Force and 500,000 in the Space Commander. There is no "reserve" soldiers in Vyray.


There are 20 ranks of the military and the Vyrayian military uses the same ranks as the United States military but for the space command they use the United States Army ranks and not the Airforce. The Monarch holds a cerimonial 21st rank called a "Rishda" but does not hold any power over the troops. The Minister of Defense is the only 5 star general of the military.


One half of the trade budget goes to the armed forces while none of the tax collection money does. One fifth of the tax collection money is saved so that in a time of war it can be used to help the soldiers. The budget is controlled directly by the Minister of Defense and the Monarch.