The time period is the modern era, so think of the time period you are in right now. Anything exists that currently exists now but NO LAZER GUNS OR FUTURE WEAPONRY. This is not Star Wars. There are no supernatural items either.

In War...Edit

  • Destroy Food Supplies
    • Weakens Morale
    • Kills 1 million people
  • Biological Strikes (With a Tech Level of 9)
    • Kills target area
  • Create Blockades
    • Stops all daily income
    • Blocks help from other countries
  • Use Artillery Strikes
    • Kills target area if successful
  • Launch Air Strikes
    • Kills target area if successful
  • Launch Nuclear Missile(s)
    • A lot of bad things are going to happen...


Sign a Treaty: To end a conflict peacefully.

Armistice: To end a conflict peacefully (Temporarily).

Alliance: Have a political and military friendship.

Declare War: Go to War.

Nuke: Win the war automatically but suffer financial defeat, also slightly damaging all other nations financially.

Embargo: To stop trade and/or communication with a country/leader/government.

Sanction: A form of Embargo that is used to influence a country to do something.